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Milo Gleich


Milo Gleich has been attending the V+V studios for a year and branching into many different forms of production including ceramics, found object sculptures, jewelry, and drawing. Their imagery is often derived from skeletal structures and figurative elements.

Audio Interview with Milo Gleich
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Transcription of Audio Interview with Artist Milo Gleich:

"So the piece I made for the Response Project is a forearm, wrist, and hand in, um, what I've heard referred to as the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome "gang sign." " which is basically people with hypermobility, not necessarily Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, but any type of (people with) hypermobility often can touch their thumb to their inner wrist. And that was a piece I had started working on initially in high school and in plaster, but I actually dislocated my thumb and shoulder doing something else, um, that year. So I never really got a chance to finish that piece, and it was super important to me because it was a way to like process this new disorder that I had, that I didn't know I had that I was born with, apparently. Um, and getting to do it with my own hands that have like now cooperated and have been problematic my entire life, learning to handwrite was so challenging, and so this was just like a way to like almost bond with my hands and appreciate them in their uniqueness and also like recognize that they do have their challenges. When looking at my piece, I want people to recognize the uniqueness in diversity of human body and function and that diversity in function isn't necessarily a bad thing, or a good thing; it's just diversity. And I think having different life experiences and also learning how to appreciate oneself and the way you function is also super important. So I just want this to be kind of like a thought piece that gets people thinking and realizing the vastness of humanity, basically, and how to love oneself."

MiloImage Description
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Transcription of image description for Milo Gleich:


This is a sculpture created by artist Milo Gleich entitled “Ehlers Danlos Gang Sign”. It is a white hand sculpture made of unglazed ceramic placed on a white table. The sculpture is approximately six inches wide, four inches deep, and 12 inches high. The base of the sculpture is the arm jutting up from the table. There is a sharp, almost 90-degree bend in the wrist, so the palm of the hand is parallel to the top of the table. The fingers of the hand point straight outward, with the index finger slightly raised. The thumb points straight down, stretching just past where one would expect a thumb to be able to reach, giving the hand a slightly tense and awkward appearance. The white ceramic material of the sculpture contrasts beautifully with the white table it rests upon, and has a relatively smooth surface with just a small amount of texture on it. The overall effect of the sculpture is striking and graceful.

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