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The music community is only just beginning to understand the depth of influence late composer Pauline Oliveros has had on our lives and our work. Her focus on”deep listening” taught us to listen “in every possible way to every possible thing”. In particular, her 25 Sonic Meditations embodied her generous compositional spirit, offering opportunity for musicians of all ages and skill levels to learn “how to focus on, listen to, and produce sound naturally.”

The Oliveros Response Project will commission five composers who have been deeply influenced by Oliveros to write a musical response to one of her Sonic Meditations. These compositions will be premiered, performed on tour, and recorded by Brianna Matzke, piano, and Chris Graham, percussion. In each concert, audience members will be given an opportunity to reflect on and participate in the work of Oliveros, in addition to hearing the five commissioned works. Through this project, we hope to deliberately explore the influence of Oliveros and trace her continuing connections through the musical world, ultimately expanding upon her influence to continue generating new sounds.

Five composers write for piano+percussion in response to Pauline Oliveros' Sonic Meditations

“Listening is not the same as hearing and hearing is not the same as listening.”

– Pauline Oliveros

Charles Peck
Evan Williams
Tina Tallon
Nate May
Jason Charney


Brianna Matzke, piano

Chris Graham, percussion